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Financial Aid

Don't let money stand in your way. We'll help you find money to pay for your education.
Paying for school isn't as hard as it seems. Metropolitan Community College is able to help more than half of its students pay for college each year with federal financial aid and scholarships.

There are two common types of financial aid available:

These are usually scholarships awarded to a student with certain skills, talents or characteristics regardless of family financial situations. MCC offers a variety of scholarships you can apply for or you can search for scholarships offered by community organizations or corporations.

Federal grants and loans are awarded to cover the difference between what college costs and what you or your family can reasonably afford to pay. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the beginning of the process to view how much federal aid you are eligible to receive.

Tuition and fees.
An education from MCC is not only a great way to get started on your career path, but it's a great value. We know our tuition is low, but knowing how much it will cost is helpful in planning. If you would like to calculate how much your education will cost, you can use our tuition and fees calculator.

Getting started.
We would be glad to help you complete and submit your FAFSA. If you want help, contact one of our financial aid offices and make an appointment:


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